Travel Information

By Air

Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste is the most accessible location along
the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

The airstrip operates 7 days a week and is 2 miles outside of town.

Direct Flights

At this time, direct flights from locations other than
San JosÚ and Liberia are limited. Delta does provide some direct flights.

From San JosÚ

Daily service from San JosÚ (45-minute flight) is provided by two airlines:
SANSA, the national airline, and Travelair, a private regular schedule airline.
Private charter services are also available.

From Liberia

The new international airport (45-minute drive) in Liberia,
Guanacaste is now open to international flights from and to Miami.

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By Bus

Scheduled daily bus service to and from San JosÚ (6-7 hour trip),
as well as surrounding communities, is available by a variety of companies.

The bus fare is inexpensive. At the time of this writing, the fare was
$US 6 each way to San JosÚ.

Once in Tamarindo, you can take a taxi to Heavenly Sands
(located in the Playa Langosta Condominiums).

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By Car

There is a paved highway from San JosÚ for those who wish to rent a car
and drive the countryside (4-5 hrs. to Tamarindo).

Car rentals are very expensive in Costa Rica
(approxmately $US 380 for the required 3-day minimum
rental). However, to truly explore the many diverse sites,
it is wise to rent one.

From San JosÚ

Option 1: Some Dirt Roads

Take the Interamerican Highway (CA 1) north and
look for the sign for the Tempisque Bridge.
After crossing the bridge, follow the signs to Nicoya,
Santa Cruz, 27 de April, then Tamarindo.
This route includes some dirt road driving on the stretch
between 27 de Abrile and Villareal.

Option 2: No Dirt Roads

You can avoid the dirt roads by continuing north on the
Interamerican Highway (CA 1) from Santa Cruz to BelÚn and turn left.
It is an easy drive with many signs. The trip is about 4-5 hours, depending
on traffic, weather, and sightseeing stops.

This route allows you to see the Arenal National Park and Volcano.

After being dormant for centuries,
this volcano became active in July 1968 and has not stopped since.
The National Park also houses a wide variety of birds (snowy egrets,
long-tailed parakeets, toucans, tanagers, and more) along with tree monkeys,
three-toed sloths, tortoises, and a wide variety of frogs and toads.
Arenal offers a rainforest, cane fields, and many hiking/walking trails.

From Liberia

Travel south on 21 to BelÚn. Head west, following the signs to Tamarindo.

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Updated: January 19, 2004