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Housekeeping & Amenities

Thank you for considering Heavenly Sands of Costa Rica!

We would like to cover some basic information to that will
make your stay more complete.


We have housekeeping once during your stay and after your departure.

The dishwasher needs to be filled and turned on prior to checkout,
and all bedding and towels used piled into a corner.
(It helps the staff determine what was used.)

The floor tiles get a little sandy, and the wet items
could develop mold if not hung properly.
To reduce this, please leave your shoes at the doors
and hang all wet items on the hooks.

Smoking Policy

No smoking is permitted in the units.

The units are non-smoking units.


The following items are provided:

Tips and Cautions

We do have a few persnicky mechanical issues.

  1. Toilet Tissue: Try not to put too much paper in the toilets.
    Costa Rica is still working on the excessive plumbing needs
    and the systems are not up to par with American standards.

  1. Dishwasher: The dishwasher in the poolside unit is tempermental.
    If you need help, talk to it lightly and turn the knob
    until the gear catches.
  2. Air Conditioning: We suggest leaving the fans on.
    The air conditioners are loud and may get too cold.

Laundry Facilities

Our laundry room is downstairs.

Please be sensitive to our resort owners and staff
by caring for your laundry in a timely manner.

It is your responsibilty for your belongings and laundry supplies.


Our guards are hired to represent security.

It is our opinion that we are over-reactive Americans
in a safe community that thrives on assurance.

Please be cooperative, and do not come off
as the "ugly American" when we are guests in their country.

If you feel inclined to be grateful,
the guards do love cookies and soft drinks.


Each unit has a programmable safe. Meaning, you have
the ability to program it for specific closure.

Even though no thefts have been experienced,
it is wise not to leave passports or large amounts of money.


The crabs are welcomed guests and make themselves welcome.
They are harmless. Please do not hurt them.


Thank you, again, for considering Heavenly Sands of Costa Rica.

If you have any questions, please Contact us


Ken Cornell,
Susan Nieves,
"Gail-Jean" Sais,
Kim Stoner

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Updated: January 19, 2004